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Past experience

Your Past Experience Speaks Volumes

I know that most people think that if they tell one little white lie, NO one will never know!  While this may be true, if you are unable to deliver on those promises – YOU will be out of the door.

What if you have no experience / work history?

No matter if you are a quick learner or not, this is a great thing because your mind is open and ready to learn new things.  Never shy away from a situation because you don’t have the experience.  If there are not any requirements, then you should always go for it. 


Most jobs (no matter if they are work from home or not) ask for at least a high school diploma.  Not all but most!  Now when it comes to having a college degree, it all depends on the job position. Just keep in my that if you say you have a degree or a diploma, they could ask for it. In the event that they do, you will have to produce it. 

Prior Experience

This is your time to shine.  You got skills and know it is time for you to show them in the upcoming phases.

> On your resume
> During the interview
> During training

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