Online Schooling

Some Facts About Online Schooling

Online schooling, also known as virtual or e-learning, refers to an educational approach where students attend classes and complete coursework over the internet instead of in a physical classroom. This mode of education utilizes various digital technologies to deliver instructional content, facilitate communication between students and educators, and assess academic progress.

Online schooling can be implemented at various educational levels, including K-12, higher education, and professional development. It offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing a diverse range of individuals to pursue education tailored to their needs and circumstances. However, it also presents challenges related to maintaining engagement, addressing technical issues, and ensuring a supportive learning environment.

Inquire about the online platform, technical requirements, and support.

Understand the structure of online courses, including the balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Ask about communication methods, availability for clarification, and virtual office hours.

Discuss the flexibility of schedules and provisions for additional support.

Ask about the provision of textbooks, learning materials, and accessibility to resources.

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