Struggling In School

Here are some signs and things to do if you feel like your child is struggling in school: (PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU SPEAK TO YOUR CHILDS DOCTOR ABOUT STEPS THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE)

Don't want to talk about school

They do everything that they possibly can to NOT talk about school. They avoid answering any questions and small talk you try to have with them.

Physical Problems

If they are putting on weight or losing weight you need to pay attention. If they are complaining about they are not feeling good not to go go school OR calling you to come and pick them up early, this is a sign.

school and homework problems

If out of the blue, it seems like your kiddos have started struggling and there is nothing happening that you know about - this is a sign.

attitude changes

If you experience your child having a drastic change in how they feel about school you need to start trying to figure out why. If they went from being excited or was used to going with the flow, to, not caring about what happens, this is a red flag.

grades declining

If they go from passing grades to failing classes, this is a sign.

acting up or not participating

If they start acting out and being nothing like themselves - this is a sign.

how You Can Help

Talk to your kids everyday about their entire day

Don't wait until something happens to talk to your child everyday.

You want to see how was their morning, classes and if there is anything that you can help with.

Catch them in the morning when they get up to get them excited for the day and see if it is anything that they want to talk about.

See how there classwork and teachers are (if they are in school)

Let them know that if it is ever anything that they want to talk about, let them know that they can come to you ANYTIME!


Have a meeting with the teacher first

Have a follow up meeting with the teacher and your kiddos

Ask to see grades to see when the drop in grades occurred

Ask about their behavior and see if there have been anyone picking on your kiddos

Ask the teacher what have they done to help


Basically, recap everything with the doctor before your child comes into the room

Once your child comes in make sure that you let them speak and say everything that they have to say

Let the doctor talk to them and you sit back and listen

Watch your emotions because you what to remain strong for your kiddos

Take the necessary steps to get better with them and let them know that this is a journey that you all will take together

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