How to spot A Scam

If there is no company information listed do not apply to that company before doing more research! 

For instance, if the email address is [email protected] and the website is the – please be watch out for companies like this!

If you are ever applying and you see more than two small grammatical errors, you should really start doing your own personal research.  If you start to receive emails from anyone from the company and there are many grammar mistakes, please beware!

If you are on any social media site and those little work from home ads pop up and you click it – and you fill out a tiny form, then you are hired! That is a major no!

If some one send you a link and they never speak with you, please beware!  Under no circumstances there should ever be a whole interview conducted only through chat.  Further more, you should never accept a job under these circumstances.  (If you are contacted to do an interview this way and you want to move forward with it, please make sure you do your research first!)

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