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Getting Started

This section is to help all families get started with homeschooling. Be on the lookout for more pages that are attached.

Learning Space & More

If you are not sure where to begin when it comes to setting up your learning space, look no further.  While no one area is alike, we will give you all the tips that are needed to help.

Links and More

All links to curriculums, equipment, supplies, software, and more.  If we locate some cheap finds, they will be listed here also.

Digital Downloads

Courses, printable(s), digital downloads, planners and more will be will be posted inside.


Need to know how to create a lesson plan, or know how to take down attendance or grade – this is where it will be.  


Self-care is always important no matter what you are doing.  Inside of this section, I will post tips on things you can do to help you with self-care. 

making the at home lifestyle simplier

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