Your Resume

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Nice, Sweet, Short, & To The Point

Your resume consist of between 6 to 8 main parts depending on your experience. Down below we will go into more detail about each part.


The header includes your name, latest or current job title and number of years experience.


This includes a summary of your experience.


In this section, you will include the years (from-to) that you held position, what position was, company name and responsibilities. You will list all relevant positions and recent. Try not to be long winded.


Where you attended school or college.


Here you can list any diplomas or degrees. You will list years first followed by what was obtained.

Personal Info

Here you can put your address, phone number, email address, and linkedIn if you have it.


You can list some of your skills here.


Here you can list your native language and any other that you speak. Make sure you put how fluent you are in each.

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