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Getting Started

 If you are new to working from home, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you keep in mind.  Inside of getting started, I will walk you through those things.

Home Office & More

When working from home, your home office and equipment must be up to date also comfortable enough for you to sit for long periods.  Inside, I will walk you through some of the equipment and home office tips to help you through your journey.

Links and More

This section will house all links that are vital for your work-from-home experience, which includes: software, products, podcasts, and more.

Digital Downloads

This will house all digital downloads for the at-home section of Dedicated Diva LLC.  This will include: printable(s), planners, templates, and much more.


Anything that sends you through the steps will be housed here.  The home page of this section will lead you in the right direction.


Your mental has to be on point when working from home because most of the time you are either alone or isolated from others for a certain period. In this section that is what I will help you with.

making the at home lifestyle simplier

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