Getting Started


Seven Ways to get Started:

Have a talk with everyone that will be involved.
Talking to everyone involved will help the process move along a little faster.
Research independent or umbrella schooling.
Independent: Reports to the state and follow their rules.
Umbrella: You turn in grade and attendance into them then, they do the rest of the work.
Having a talk with child(ren) after doing research.
Make sure that you all are on the same page before moving forward enrolling them.
Find a curriculum that will work for you child(ren) learning style
There are online, online interactive, or you material shipped to you.
If you don't have a PC, this would be the best time to purchase one.
You want to make sure you purchase a PC and make sure you and your child(ren) know how to use it
Make sure you have school supplies
Just because your child is attending homeschooling, doesn't mean that you don't need supplies
Keeping attendance and grade.
Find away to keep your grades and attendance. (I use Google Spreadsheet)
Call or email which ever option that you have picked and finalized your decision.
Make sure you take notes and ask all questions at this time.
Go Time!
Now's the time!
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