Different Type of Homeschooling

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This is a form of schooling where you submit your child grades and attendance to the state at the end of the school year. In some states your child my have to go through state testing and in others you may not have to.  Please check with your state for further information. (Coming soon: I will get links for you all so that it is easier to find this information out)

Umbrella schools take the extra work off you that you had to do when doing through “independent school.”  For instance, you report your attendance and grades to them and they report it to the state for you. Some states require state testing and some don’t.  if this is an issue for you please make sure that you check to see the requirements before enrolling.  

Public “Tuition Free” Schooling is when your child can go to school from home as if they were in school.  Any books that will be needed at that time will be sent to you.  Now don’t mistake this with school supplies (this must be brought by you.)  Some of these schools will send out computers but that has more to do with first come, first serve or your income.  When it comes to any kind of testing that your child may need, they will inform you of that when that time comes. 

With a private tuition based you have to pay for courses and you have your choice of how you want your child to do their schooling.  In this kind of method, state testing is generally do not require these but please always check before enrolling. 

Virtual schools in your local area is linked to the county where you stay.  Some virtual schools give out computers to their students and have ways to help them with their internet services.  When ever state testing comes up, you will be notified and you must attend!

Homeschooling co-ops are groups of families who collaborate to enhance their children’s education. They provide opportunities for socialization, shared teaching responsibilities, resource sharing, enrichment activities, and community support. Co-ops offer a more structured learning environment while maintaining the flexibility of homeschooling.

Micro schools are small educational settings that blend traditional schooling and homeschooling. They feature small class sizes, personalized curriculums, mixed-age groups, a strong community focus, innovative teaching methods, and hybrid learning (in-person and online). Parental involvement is significant, contributing to the curriculum and school operations. These schools offer a flexible, student-centered approach to education within a supportive community.

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