Creating Lesson Plan

The Steps Are As Followed:

  1. Get a Google account.  This way you will have access to all of their products.  Click HERE to create a Google account if you don’t have one.  (Don’t worry, once you click the link it should open in a new tab and you can come back to this webpage.)

2. If you have no where to start or looking for a little something extra, create an account with Discovery K12. Click HERE to create an account.

3. Next, go to Easy Peasy and create an account.  This will help you further with planning out your lesson plan for the week. Click HERE to create an account.

4. Create an account on Khan Academy.  This will help with most Math lessons.  Click HERE to create a teachers account. 

5. Last spot you want to create an account is pbslearningmedia.  This is a fun way for your student to learn while having fun.  Click HERE to create an account.

6. Now, this is where you Google account come in handy.  You want to open Google Slides.  Click HERE to access Google Slides!

7. Create your content! Make sure you watch the video to see how I created the sample on my YouTube Channel. Click HERE to access video.

8. Open up Google Classroom to store and take down all assignments and lessons for your student. Click HERE to open up Google Classroom.

9. If you and you student have two different pcs that you are on you may want to download Zoom.  You can download HERE.

Printable checklist here:

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