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Do not fill your resume with a lot of extra crap.  You having a resume full of jobs do not make you look like you have experience.  It looks like you can’t keep a job!

During Interviews

Think before you speak! This is a make or break situation and you do not need to be saying the first thing that pops up in your mind.  You need to stop and think before you speak.

Internet Requirements

If they tell you that you must have a certain speed before moving forward, please make sure that you are able to get that speed.  They tell you that because if you have to run certain programs, it will slow down you productivity or you could end up having choppy calls. 

Preparing for Training

Make sure you mark the date and don’t forget it!  Don’t have anything else planned during or after training.  FYI: All training times are a huge inconvenience for everybody including the trainer.  Never show up late because you put a  strain on every body that was there on time while the instructor tries to catch you up on things.

Job Searching

Make sure that you research the company.  Look at all contact information.  Try to look in some work from home Facebook groups to see if anyone has any feedback about the company or an WAH scams. 








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