Internet & Hardware

Making sure you have what you need when you need it

Sometimes, all you need is a good connection & a work around!

Always remember, don’t over think things!

Internet & equipment

What do you really need?

You don’t need the fastest but basic just might not work! Why….


You must make sure that you will stay connected at all times. If you are having problems with your internet, it is best to get that fixed. Especially if it takes you forever to watch a movie, YouTube video or scroll through IG, TicTok or Facebook.


Make sure that you always contact your internet provider to make sure that your connection is strong and you are getting all of the speed that you are paying for. Most isp's have an app were you can check for outages and the speed to individual devices.

Modem vs Wifi

Most positions will tell you that you need to be hardwire. When you hear this, this means you need a modem. Using a modem is more reliable than wifi. With wifi, your computer is constantly trying to find a stable connection.

Modem vs Wifi Extender

Now, wifi extenders are work arounds if you are not able to get that close to your modem. With extenders, you are about to use a ethernet cord (like you would with your modem). The only difference is when you plug your cord into the extender, you have to manually turn off your wifi. You can easy turn it back on when you want to,

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