If you are told that you need to log a certain amount of time for attendance – LOG THAT TIME FOR ATTENDANCE!  There are so many people that loves to extra questions about: what if their child don’t do that much work for the day or what if their child only did four hours worth of work. LOG THE TIME THAT YOU ARE TOLD BEFORE YOU HAVE TO GO TO COURT FOR TRUANCY! 

Whether it is online school or traditional homeschool, you want to make sure that your child (student) stays active through the week.  Make sure that they are getting at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity. Now, what counts as physical activity: Anything that your student does were they are moving around.  Some examples include: playing with siblings, playing with animals, cleaning up (doing chores), playing outside and even helping out mom and dad. 

Always make sure that you have phone numbers and email address to any that you may have to contact.  For instance, if your child attends an online school – make sure you have the contact information for the school phone number, fax number and email address. Make sure you have the number to the main office, teachers and extensions.  Now, if it is traditional homeschooling – make sure you have the phone number to the board of education in your state and email address.  Also make sure you find any email and phone numbers to phone number to the state educational department.

Make sure that you save all important links either in a Google document, your favorites on your desktop or your bookmark bar.  In times of need you want to make sure that you are not left panicking trying to find the right link to something.  You want to be able to find things quickly and efficiently. 

If you thinking about traveling make sure that you have a stable internet connection.  When it comes to attending classes, some online programs may have them to attend every class or just one a week.  There are devices that you can get from your phone company that allows you to connect to the internet from anywhere.  Some phone also comes with the ability to connect your mobile hotspot. Or you want to make sure that the hotel or vacation home that you are visiting has Wi-Fi.  Make sure that you and your child is well prepared before you leave home.  *It would be a great idea to get any homework\classwork out of the way before you all go so that you all don’t feel over whelmed. 

If you have classes that are missing or need to be taken away, talk to your child teacher or email the appropriate person at your school.  This is why I stated emails and phone numbers are so important. Don’t just sit and wait then hope everything will be fixed.  They are dealing with so many other issues and you don’t want to become lost because your child will end up behind.

Make sure that your child has the right equipment.  If your child is attending a online school, make sure that you ask what the computer specs should be or will they send you a pc.  The reason why you want to make sure you have the correct specs is because there are certain programs that must be used.

You want to make sure that your child is not falling behind and if they – they could not understand the course work that is being given.  During the first semester, you want to make sure that your child stay on track, don’t miss any homework, and work their hardest because (to me) this is the most important time.  The second semester is when your child should get in there and make sure they have a strong finish. 

Make sure you always look at the schedule for the upcoming week.  You want to schedule everything around your kiddos schedule.  Also make sure that you print off school schedules so that you know when school breaks and holidays pop up. 

If you want to make sure that your child stay in communication with other children around their age, clubs are the way to go.  Some schools also have field trips and virtual field trips.

There are many online resources to help out you and your student.  Please go over educational site tab and make sure you see if any of those will help you out on your home schooling journey. 

Homeschoolers United!

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