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Google Products

Google Drive – This is a place for you to store all of your files and folders even if they are not created with Google products.

Gmail – This is your very own email address from Google. 

Google Calendar – Here you can keep up with all of your meeting, task, and events. 

Google Meet – This is a video conferencing platform. No matter if it is business or personal. 

Google Duo – This is also a video meeting platform but (I see it like) this is geared more toward mobile use. 

Google Voice – This is a free number that you can get and use it for your business contact number.

Google Classroom – If you are looking to teach a certain skill or a small class, you may want to look into using Google Classroom. 

Google Keep – Great for note taking and setting reminders.

Google Sheets – Is great for keeping up with clients, invoicing, keeping up with content, and scheduling. 

Google Slides – This is great for presentations of any kind.  You can add pictures, video and sound.  This is also great for webinars. 

Google Docs – You can create scripting, resumes, cover letters, contracts, outline and much more with this program. 

Google Hangout – This is also a video based platform by Google that allows you to speak to anyone by using your Google email address. 

Google Sites – This is for everyone that would love to have a website and maybe going through financial hardships.  Or, you may want a place to send your subscribers or follower to for extra content. 

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Video Conferencing Platforms

Zoom – This is a platform for you to speak to one or more individuals.  If it is only you and one other person – totally free and unlimited.  If there is one or more people, Zoom is free for up to 40 minutes. You can also record all meeting, screen share with one another and create breakout rooms. 

Discord – This is a platform that was geared toward “gamers” so that they could easily chat with one another.  Now there are major brands that use this platform to create channels “categories” to communicate with one another. You can use voice chat, regular chat and even video chat with one another. 

Ring Central – This platform is similar to Zoom (I wouldn’t recommend this platform, but if you have no other choice – here you go)

Microsoft Teams Video – You can chat, call, meet and collaborate from anywhere with customers, clients, team members or with family. 

Skype – You have the ability to chat with one individual or privately.  You can create a group chat voice or regular chat.  You can also receive money through chat, screen share and set meetings in Skype.  

Free Conference Call – With this platform you can use their audio & video conferencing along with screen sharing and a free toll free number.  You can also record all meetings. 

Zoho Meetings – With Zoho meetings you have the abilities to share your scrren, lock meeting, create breakout  rooms, and use their polling features.

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