Pregnant and working from home

Things to Think About:

How far along are you?

If you obtain a job before you become pregnant, then everything will flow as it usually does BUT if you get a job during or after, this can shake things up a little. 

Want to be an employee?

Being an employee has its perks and benefits.  Most companies have full benefits and discounts.  So if you are looking for this, an employee is what you want to be.

Want to be an 1099 IC?

If you are already pregnant, you should think about making this possible.  You can work when, where, and how you choose.

Do you have an help?

Do you have people around who can help you while you are working?  When you become a mommie, sometimes you need that extra support to help keep you going daily.  But if you don’t have that, you just have to learn how to plan your day out.

Can you work alone?

Do you need guidance when getting things done?  Can you work by yourself?  Are you able to sit for an extended period of time?  Can you stay off social media until the end of your shift?


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