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Went over to your favorite Podcast and wondered why they kept talking about the same things over and over? You don't have to worry about that any longer. Come and visit Dedicated Diva Podcast!


(Podcast will be posted randomly throughout the day BUT all scheduled videos for a given day will be posted on that day @12pm CST)

An update on the news and gossip from the previous week. Sit back relax and chill.

News and gossip

Bringing together the fellow homeschoolers.  Helping to make you and your child(ren) life a little easier.   


Talking about random topics that are affecting women and the random things that I run into.

women world

Bringing everyone tips and resources on ways to help them out with there business and much more.

Business pow wow!

Take a look at everything that happened through the week and give my perspective. 

the whine down Time

Getting myself ready for the month! (First Sunday of the month) 

Let's Go!

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